Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Friday sports!

Friday Sport.

Last Friday was are very last Friday sport.
Each week we played Netball and our team was
 - Bella - Laura - Hannah - Ariana - Bree - Jacob - Prudence - Hannah - and myself.
Our last game we lost to 7-11 but it was a hard game and we had fun so thats all that matters.
We had trainin every Wednesday with Donna aka our coach!
Our training went from 12.15 to 12.40
On Friday our game goes for half an hour. after our game our other coach Amy we play games with her, streching and learning new skills.
I have never played Netball on my whole life until I had to play because we didn't have enough people to make a team.
Heres a few pictures below of a game a few weeks ago.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Bill Nagelkerke

Yesterday Bill Nagelkerke whos an New Zealand author came in to show us of some of the words he translated because he can speek Acient Greek as well as English!
He Started writing because of TV, TV show skippy, bush kangaroo, Black and White!

As he was talking he was trying to make us think of telling stories more than just words because stories does not just to be just writing it could be a drawings, dancing ect!

He even wrote a book at 8 years old and it was super descriptive and his handwriting was super neat!

-Heres a few facts about him!
-Wrote a story, Newspaper, 1974, paid for it
-Sold about 25 stories in high school to newspapers
-Likes science fiction, read and watch as many stories as possible
-Can do Magic
-Recommends Shaun Tan as an author
-Read books that are set in a different time period
-When a writer begins a story, An Idea, introduction, pen and paper, a hook, plan
-Start off with a blank piece of paper, Write, Draw, off to the world, people read
-Published 120 poems and short stories and 25 books.

My Own Timetable

This week we are customising our own timetable!
I am going Digi Awards all day today (Monday) because its due this thursday!
Execpt at 12.40 because I have a math group!
Tomorrow I have a group reading and writing!

Click my link to check out my clearer version of my Timetable!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

William Pike

Yesterday William Pike came in to our classroom to talk about the challenge! that's his website!

He  told us the story and it went like this, Just after dark one evening on Mt. Ruapehu, William Pike was about to doze off to sleep when 1.5million cubic meters of mud, water and rocks erupted from the mount. Crushed and critically injured, his partner had no option but to leave him for help. What followed was to be one of NZ’s most dramatic alpine rescues, and an epic story of a man’s will to survive in an inhospitable environment. He became critically hypothermic and doctors and rescue authorities noted his survival as ‘a miracle ‘. Among other life threatening injuries, his right leg was amputated below the knee. 

That's a picture of him!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Today we had Book Award day and it was at St Margaret's College.
There was six authors that talked about there books that had written or illustratored.
the auothers were.
Leoine Angew who wrote this amazing book - The Impossible Boy
Tania Roxborough - is a children’s writer
David Elliot -  is an award-winning children's illustrator and author
Simon Pollard - is a professional children’s book author, spider professional and natural history writer.
Jenny Cooper - is an award-winning and creative illustrator of more than 70 children’s books.
Des Hunt - is a well admired educationalist who has written a series of outstanding environmental adventures aimed at 9-12 year olds.
We sat in the Auditorium what had HEAPS on seats and the room was MASSIVE.
we sat in the seats (of course) and we listened to each person talk about there books they had 12 minutes each and three people went each hour, it went for a hour then I morning tea and I saw all my friends that go to SMC ( St Margarot's College ) and it was good to see them.

My favorite person was David Elliot because his book "Snark" looked AMAZING!
Heres a picture of the book cover "Snark"

Heres some other pictures.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Roydvale One day Event

On the 31st of July on Sunday I had Roydvale ODE (one day event) Horse Event.

I was doing 95cm on my horse Ziggy but his name for shows is Smart Spark!
There was like 30 in a class and I was competing againist my older sister!
I did my dressage test (I'ts like dancing for horses) and I thought it wasn't as good as I expected it to be as he wasn't listening to my leg aids very well.

As I was learning my showjumping course my mother came up to me an told me I came 2nd out of like 30 people and there are no age limit.

Abby (my friend) and I walked the cross country course one more time so we knew it off by heart!

I went back to the float and started getting ready for cross country, for cross country you wear a cross country jersey and since I support England I have a jersey that says "British Eventer" on it with the union jack flag and I have my Jonh Whittaker riding pants and on my back pocket is theres a union jack flag..

As I threw my leg over the saddle and walking side by side with my sister (abbey) to the warm up,
we stood in front of the gear check (they check your gear to make sure it dosn't break on the course) they check all my leather, checks the tag on my helmet becuase if I fall off the helmet is the only thing that will save me from getting brain damage or getting paralyzed unless I fall off and the helmet dosn't end up saving me and then I die..
 They check my medical arm band ( it has all my medical stuff on it like blood type, emerginces number ect)
They did the ecxact same check to Abbey.
We warmed up in the warm up area side by side trotting along the outside of the taped off paddock.
After 5 minutes of trotting I started to canter up to this wooden roll top, I sat still to his smooth three beat canter a stride away from the jump I sowly lifted my self out of the saddle into a two point postion and he flew over the jump perfectly, That's how the rest of the warm up went like.

"302 your up" someone shouted out to me.
I slowly trotted up to them they said to me "walk over to he start box they will tell you what to do next!"
"Okay thanks" I replied
Walking up to the start box I did a circle and finally the guy said "whenever your ready!"
Walking into the start box my horse did a massive rear (he does it each time, because hes excited and he knows what his job is) "good luck" he said, I replied with "thank you"
Galloping to the first jump,
the first jump was these 3 massive wooden logs at 95cm high, soaring he smoothly jumped over it,
The second jump came up really fast we got in really deep I gave him a squeeze but he still jumped it,
In the videos its really funny you hear me after each jump "good boy ziggy your such a babe" it's quite funny.
We got up to the water jump and one of my friends, Laura said "go Lucy" I replied shouting "thanks girl" im good at mulit tasking!
the water combitation was this jump into a water then 5 strides after we had a skinny, most ponies run out of them because they are super skinny but Ziggy doesn't mimd them.
We got up to last jump, clear so far!
He was galloping his heart out with me pulling him back so he doesn't flip over the jump it felt like my hands where going to be ripped out of there socket!!
Pulling him back into a controlable gallop a stripe away from the last jump he took it long without asking for that extra stride, but we still cleared it!
Galloping hrough though finish flags when you know you have gone clear it is an amazing feeling!

Quickly going back to the float taking his gear off and icying down his legs so they don't swell up!
Finally finished icying down his legs and taking all his gear off, I had to get him ready for showjumping straight away, I wear what I have to wear for dressage, I wear a brown show jacket with a white saddle blanket.
I grabbed my whip and put my spurs on my boots so he can have more impulsion for the showjumping because he might start to be flat for showjumping an he could take a pole since we just finished cross country.
Walking side by side next to my sister, because my sister is straight after me!
After we warmed up for show jumping I heard them shout out my number "302"
I walked up to them and walked into the show jumping ring, I did a circle and I heard the bell so I lined perfectly up to the first jump, gave him a squeeze with my legs and he jumped the first jump like they were 1.20m not 95cm! We came up to the last showjump it was a blue and white jump pole with brown stands, then ping he jumped it perfectly and I went through the flags.. double clear!
I took hm back to the float iced his legs and took his gear off and threw a cover on him so he wouldn't get cold.
the rest of the day I hung out with my friends until the results came out.
When they came out everyone crowed it and I came 2nd overall and my sister came 6th!
After half an hour ( you have to wait incase someone protests )
no one did, the prizes came out I won a $60 back massage for you horse because they can get sore and I won some stuff for my ponies mane and a blue ribbion!
It was a great day overall!