Monday, November 27, 2017


Last week on Monday we had to complete 8 activities and our project was about the Canterbury A&P show, these are the things we had to complete, a A recount about our trip to the show, find out information about an animal we saw, we had to design a ride for the show- safety, features, fun factor, the name and why they would want to go on the ride, history about the show, food truck that would be at the show and we had to figure out how much we had to give to the show, how much profit we would get out of everything etc, photo book at the show, marketing campaign and lastly the competitions, we had to choose a competitions from the show and then find information about it.

Lets now talk about what I have done;

Let's start about my ride;
It is a milkshake, so firstly you pay $10, sign a some paper incase you die, put a wristband on and then go up the elevator.
Once you make it up to the top you go on the rollercoaster then each person gets thrown into a ball filled with air and it's like a car but all around you is water and you can go wherever you want, once your time is over, you get sucked down to the bottom where there is no water and get out.

 My food truck.
I can't talk about because I didn't complete it but it was meant to be a donut truck and the prices were meant to be $5 per donuts and for a dozen of mini donuts they were $4.

Heres my recount;

Friday 17th of November;
I woke up Friday morning and biked down to my dad's with one of my friends at 6.30am, Dad was taking my friend Kim and I to the show.
Half an hour later we arrived at the show we showed our wristbands to the people at the gate and walked behind Dad to his stand.
Kim and I walked past all the stands and then saw a waffle one and we were definitely getting waffles you can never turn waffles down.
From 9.00am till 12.00pm Kim and I watched some show jumping in the main arena, bought 2 bracelets and I brought this squishy toy and I was swinging it round and then it bursted and all the water stuff inside of it got all over me all over my good show top I was wearing ..

Kim and I walked back to my Dad's stand because I had to get ready for my race, when I arrived at Dad's stand Mum, Chloe, Grace, Hannah and Hannah's friend Az were all there, I asked mum for some headache pills because I had a super sore head, after that I went into one of the float Dad was selling and got dressed for the race, I was wearing white John Whitaker jodhpurs, brown leather riding boots and my brown leather chaps, I keep the top I was wearing before it was a baby blue short sleeve show top, I pulled my hair into a low tight bun and the placed my brown shiny KEP on my head.

1.40am, Mum, Chloe and I walked over t0 the shetlands where we got the shetlands ready, while I was getting the shetlands ready I still had a really sore head and mum had no more pill so she had to go ask the ambulance for some.
FINALLY my headache was gone by that time we already but our jockey silks on, geared up the ponies and were on them, I was wearing a purple glittery silk I had to choice to wear it because it went with the pony I was riding.
10 minutes later we were walking around and practised our lineup for the chase, we kept waiting for the person over the bridge to call us over 10 minutes later she finally called us over, now we were walking around in a smaller place on the other side of the bridge, we kept walking around in circles my pony was stressing out even more he started to jog and he was sweating like crazy he wouldn't stand still because every time I tried he tried to rear..
5 minutes later they opened the gates into the big oval we walked around it the commentators talked about us, we waved when they mentions us, my friends and family were cheering.
We all finally walked, well jogged around the whole oval we had covers on and people leading us until we got into the birdcage, the birdcage is what you go into before you line up to race, no it's not what it says it isn't a bird cage it's just a really small area, we all had to stop in there, the leader took our covers off and unclipped the lead ropes and they walked to there jumps.
It was now time we were walking into line,
Now we were all standing in line, Lesley waited till all the ponies were facing forwards and then put her hand out the downwards, we galloped off, their little legs running as fast as they can, Chloe was on my inside riding her pony Blue, we had our first hurdle it was a little pole jump and we flyed over it and the next one came up within seconds it was a bush jump, there was 5 jumps around the oval and we had to go round in 4 times, once we were just about to finish our first lap Chloe's pony Blue just ran into the inside of the oval and we don't know why he just did so now I am in 1st pace with The ponies Muffin and Burberry right behind me, it's now the 3rd lap Muffin and burberry  in front of me and the my pony got a boost of energy and I took over Burberry still on the inside now Muffin was now trying to push me out of where we are meant to go but I didn't let that happen I was squeezing Foxy the pony I was riding to try get into 1st place, the finish line was just in front of me I was squeezing him to try win, he's never won before he normally comes 4th, my friends and family were cheering me on and that's what happened I came 2nd.

Thats my recount!

Heres my Histoty;


The A&P show stands for Agricultural and Pastoral.
The first A&P show was first held in a paddock on the 22nd of October 1862, a few weeks later the Canterbury A&P Association was formed was formed on the 23rd of January 1863.
In April 1863 the A&P Show Association purchased 14 acres in Colombo Street for the show to be placed there (this is now Sydenham Park)
November 1887 new show grounds opened in Addington.
In 1996 a larger facility with 145 hectares located on Curletts Road where is it still located till this day.

The show started because farmers wanted to show off their tractors and their products.

Therefore, the first ever A&P was in 1962 but the first one at the main one ( Curletts Road) was in 1996.

The show has been going for 155 years.

Heres my photo book;

Heres the Animal one I chose Horses;

A Horse's first reaction is to flee when they are in danger they can kick, bite, rear and buck.
They do it for defence or they haven't been trained properly.
Horses walk, trot, canter and gallop.
They have a four beat walk, two beat trot, three beat canter and a four beat gallop.
Horses communicate with their eyes and ears and their behaviour.
If their ears are upright but turning back a little they are listening to you if they are flat backwards they are grumpy and if they are forwards they are curious.
Here are a few facts;
  • Baby horses can walk and trot a few minutes after they are born.
  • A baby boy horse is called a colt.
  • A baby girl horse is called a filly.
  • A adult girl horse is called a mare.
  • A adult boy horse is called a gelding.
  • A adult boy horse that hasn’t been gelded is called a Stallion
  • Horses and ponies are the same but different heights.
  • A horse is over 149cm.
  • A pony is under 148cm.
                 Here's what a horse/pony looks like;
Image result for horse what is where

My marketing Campaign;

0-5 = free
6-12 = $15
13-17 = $20
18+ $30

Radio, Newspaper, Tv
10% of the fees will go to the costing for the advertisement.

Thats the end, I didn't complete the foof truck or competitions but I tried to work to my highest standard!

Today we had to present it and Bree judged it for me and this is what my feedback was.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017


Monday the 6th of November.
The video;
Yesterday we had to make a story based off this movie (The Ocean Maker) If you would like to watch it just click the video above. PROCESS; we had to write it when you first saw the girl in her plane scrathing her eyes and after that we had to make the rest up by our self, once we watched it we had to talk about the location, how we thought she felt/what she saw and what we were wondering.

Heres my story I would love if you took a few minutes to read it and give me some feedback how I could improve, do I need more descriptive sentences, similes, ING words or was it not interesting enough?

Dark Grey smoke flew behind the plane, I had to find them, I knew they were still alive I could feel it in my gut.
Family; they are always there for you even when you don't want them to, they are family after all, I couldn't leave my family, I had to save them.
Tiredly; I scratched my eyes, wiped the sweat off my forehead and carried on steering the plane, it's been 42 days since I woke up lying on the sandy desert that was once an ocean, I don't know where all the water disappeared to, it all just left, in the warm air my plane carried on, looking down, broken ships/boats scattered everywhere.
There! I see something, a group of people; sleeping?
Steering my plane downwards to land, within seconds we were onto the ground, I sprinted over to the pile of people, my heart was racing faster than ever, my mind was going crazy with tons of thoughts but the main one was, could it be my family?
Mom, Dad, Nadia? I pushed their bodies over and gave them cpr, no, no, no, no you can't leave me now, “YOU CAN'T LEAVE ME COME BACK, I can’t be alone here, I don’t know what to do” I cried in horror.
Clip clop, clip clop, I heard horse hooves, it couldn't be, no way I said in my head, could it be my horse?
Racing through the warm breeze behind the big lump of golden sand there it was ; Ziggy my horse, he was alive, Cautiously he walked up to me, I carefully walked up to him and within milliseconds I couldn't keep it in, I threw my arms around his neck, I felt like I was glued there, like it was meant to be this way.

Later that day the sun setted and the moon rises, I made a pen for ziggy out of scrap wood from boats, right next to my.. I guess I could call it home, home was an old submarine, I woke up right next to it 42 days ago so I decided to make it homey, I didn't have to change much on the inside because it was already built up, nothing was broken, no leaks, but luckily there was loads of food and water that would last me years but since my horse is around now it would only last me a few years if i'm lucky.
Rain machine, I have to get it working, yup I was back in my plane but instead of finding my.. you know, I was getting my rain machine to work, I took out my old, rusty dirty binoculars and ran them over the blue sky trying to find a, wait is that what i think it is, is that a ; cloud.
Putting my plane into full speed I flew like an eagle over the cloud, dropped some of my pink powder over the little ball of white candyfloss, looking behind me the cloud grew and grew and grew, water started falling out of the sky, lightning struck, buzzing the ground, oh no…
Flying back to home as fast as my plane could go I landed my plane took all my information about my rain machine inside and grabbed ziggy and put him inside one of the lion cages ( don't ask me why there's a massive lion cage )
BANG, right behind me the lightning struck my plane, “oh no” I muttered.
I had to keep under cover incase the lighting strikes, Katerina and Ziggy ARE NOT DYING TODAY! I shouted.
Sirens screamed, in a massive speaker someone shouted “IS ANYONE ALIVE DOWN THERE?”
Sprinting out from the submarine I jumped up and down, quickly running back inside to grab Ziggy I leaded him outside, rain bucketing down, Ziggy's chestnut and white coat was now drenching, the rain was running down his white blaze, now the rain was dripping down my long bleached blond hair, “i'm coming for you” he shouted.
Boom, his massive helicopter landed, it could fit an elephant it was that big, this guy with tanned skin and brown long hair with dreds jumped out of the helicopter, “what's your name” he asked, “Katerina Petrova” I answered, i’m sorry to tell you this, I can only take one of you, so i'm guessing, hop in!” he replied, “no way you're taking my horse leave me here” I said boldly, “but you will drown, this is turning back into an ocean, we have to hurry” he said strongly, “let me die then, at least i'll see my family, i'm not going to live if my horse will die, give my horse to my cousin; Sophia Taege” I ran up to Ziggy and gave him one last hug, got my pocket knife out and cut some of tail off and held it tight while he leaded him into the helicopter. “goodbye Ziggy”.
Running my heart out up the hill, the rain was falling down on me, stood in front of the cliff, “goodbye world”, I took that last step off.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Uru Manuka logo

The last 3 days we have been making a logo for the cluster "Uru Manuka" and I wanted to share what I created..
I used the app 'Pizap' (  for the hand print tree logos, for the tree with the roots at the bottom I used 'Free Logo Maker' (
My design process; for the hand tree I found a hand on images saved it then went into google drawing and colour over top of it then used the 'cut out' tool on pizap after that I put it on top of the white background, with the little hands I did the same process as I did with the arm/hand and then duplicated it loads of times until it looked like a tree.
For the tree logo with the roots at the bottom I used free logo maker,
Firstly I found a white circle background shape on images (available for reuse) and then put a semi circle (in shapes on the app) and eventually coloured it in light blue and then planted some clouds on the sky and finally plonked a tree that I found in shapes
(for all the texts I just used what they had on the app)
I would love some feedback on what I could improve or change!
When you reach right to the last slide of my presentaion I have put numbers on each logo, what logo is your favorie that I created for "Uru Manuka"?

My Profile

Hey everyone this is my first blog back from the holidays!
I just wanted to share what we have done, everyone had to create a logo/profile for themself and it has to describe yourself. 
I would love to have some feedback how I could improve on making it look professinal but creative? 
I used the app pizap to create this and google drawing!
I decided to use the colours black because it means mystery and power and I used the colour white because it means pure and innocence.
Check out the photos below to see what I made!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Friday sports!

Friday Sport.

Last Friday was are very last Friday sport.
Each week we played Netball and our team was
 - Bella - Laura - Hannah - Ariana - Bree - Jacob - Prudence - Hannah - and myself.
Our last game we lost to 7-11 but it was a hard game and we had fun so thats all that matters.
We had trainin every Wednesday with Donna aka our coach!
Our training went from 12.15 to 12.40
On Friday our game goes for half an hour. after our game our other coach Amy we play games with her, streching and learning new skills.
I have never played Netball on my whole life until I had to play because we didn't have enough people to make a team.
Heres a few pictures below of a game a few weeks ago.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Bill Nagelkerke

Yesterday Bill Nagelkerke whos an New Zealand author came in to show us of some of the words he translated because he can speek Acient Greek as well as English!
He Started writing because of TV, TV show skippy, bush kangaroo, Black and White!

As he was talking he was trying to make us think of telling stories more than just words because stories does not just to be just writing it could be a drawings, dancing ect!

He even wrote a book at 8 years old and it was super descriptive and his handwriting was super neat!

-Heres a few facts about him!
-Wrote a story, Newspaper, 1974, paid for it
-Sold about 25 stories in high school to newspapers
-Likes science fiction, read and watch as many stories as possible
-Can do Magic
-Recommends Shaun Tan as an author
-Read books that are set in a different time period
-When a writer begins a story, An Idea, introduction, pen and paper, a hook, plan
-Start off with a blank piece of paper, Write, Draw, off to the world, people read
-Published 120 poems and short stories and 25 books.